The Importance of our Hot Water Heaters and What to do if Yours Breaks Down.

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We often take our hot water for granted! It seems to always be there and it’s kind of like breathing, you just really don’t need to think about it, right? Well sure, as long as it doesn’t break down. But unfortunately they just do not live as long as we do. If you get 10 years out of a hot water heater these days you’re lucky. They come in all different sizes and with all kinds different of warranties depending on how much money you want to spend. The more money you spend the more warranty you will get on it.
Why are they so important?
Without hot water we of course would have to sacrifice our wonderful showers and baths they we love so much. Hot water showerThere’s nothing like a nice hot shower after work or a nice relaxing bath on a Sunday afternoon. What would we do with our dishes? grease and cold water don’t mix. Sure soap helps but without hot water you might as well be eating off of dirty dishes. Yuck! The same goes for our clothes washers. There was a laundry soap company that came out with a cold water soap for washing machines, I think it was in an effort to save money. I liked the idea but I cannot for the life of me find it on the shelfs at the grocery store any more. The idea must not have caught on. The point to that story is that we need at least warm water to get the dirt and dead skin cells and body odor out of our clothes. If we couldn’t do that clothes wouldn’t last as long because they would eventually become too unpleasant to wear.
What if I don’t have any hot water?
That is definitely a problem. Especially if you have woman or teenagers in the house. They don’t like it when they can’t take a shower or wash their clothes. Although I found out most teenagers don’t care about the dishes being clean or not. As long as they don’t have to do them. The best thing to do if you don’t have any hot water is to first figure out if it is gas or electric. If its gas then your pilot light might be out and if you don’t know what that is, then you should call someone that does. A plumber is someone who would know what to do. They fix, replace and maintain them all the time. They know what they’re doing and that is what they are trained for.
How can insure that I will always have hot water?
Buying the correct unit to install is the first step toward having a reliable hot water. How do you pick the one that will last the longest and wRinnai_water_heatersork the best? Do your research? Yes, first start by checking for the proper size for your needs. Do you need a gas or electric heater? If its gas you then need to see if it is a propane gas or natural gas unit. The unit may need to be converted from one to the other, but your plumber can help you with that. Then do your research, check the internet and look for ratings. They have made new advances in this industry and now have Tankless hot water heaters that supply hot water on demand. Look and find out what other people are buying and having luck with. You could also ask your plumber for advice. They most likely have installed hundreds or thousands of units and they have a pretty good idea of the brands that withstand the test of time. The ones that are the most reliable and energy efficient.
We often take our hot water for granted until we don’t have any. Make sure that you have the proper system for your needs. If you’re not sure if you do have enough or don’t then call a plumber and they will give you the best options and pricing for your individual needs. Make sure to call a reputable plumber with the proper experience who know what they’re doing, and are licensing and insurance. You don’t want just anyone installing these units.

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